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the job of Entrepreneur
2020 - 2006
Learning the job of Entrepreneur
Learning the job of Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurial Mindset Development

I have developed a coaching method to develop and nurture the entrepreneurial mindset

Certified Business Coach
2014 - 2013
Certified Business Coach
Dr. Petra Bock Coaching Academy
Berlin, Germany

I am a certified business coach following the standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


I am currently writing a book on this topic with my co-author Dr. David Claivaz. Our aim is to provide a new approach of the field based on an easy-to-grasp description of the form of the entrepreneurial actions.


I support gender equality

I believe in the power of education and in access to quality education for all, 

I consider Entrepreneurial Mindset as the most powerful means to reach global impact and transform the world we are living in 

I want to make a contribution to the achievement of the SDGs.

  • By helping closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship

  • By helping closing the gender gap in education and higher education

  • By helping shaping the future of the education system to ensure relevant and effective learning outcomes

  • By helping shaping the future of the education system to increase the number of students who have relevant skills for business and entrepreneurship

Phd in law
2006 - 2002
Phd in Law, Magna Cum Laude
Center for European Law
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Price of the University of Lausanne for the quality of the research
Price of the Swiss association for Air and Space Law
Business Transformation
I am looking for business transformation possibilities wherever they are. At BFCC, I help my clients shaping and changing their companies to transform their Business. At BSL Doctoral School, I support our candidates to follow the double objective of advancing the field of academic research while transforming their industry by bringing a contribution to the advancement of practice. On a personal level, I also follow my own projects to contribute to business transformation.
  • Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Supporting business creation from Idea to Launch

  • Helping women becoming entrepreneurs 

  • Fighting for gender equality 

  • Supporting Academia and Doctoral Level research

  • Acting for Business Transformation

  • Developing and driving Business in Higher Education

  • Empowering educators by developing their Edupreneurial Mindset

  • Helping Edupreneurial Minds to be heard

  • Bridging the worlds of Technology and Education through EdTech

  • Building a community of 21s-Century edupreneurial educators

Master in Law
2002 - 1997
Master in Law (MLaw)
University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Transformation of the Education System
With Dr. David Claivaz, we have developed a new approach to transforming the Education system with an Entrepreneurial mindset adapted to the school fact, the Edupreneurial Mindset.
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