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Founder - active Partner 

In 2007, I co-founded Swissmadprod, a media production company producing television and radio programs as well as branded content for the French and Swiss markets (TF1, M6, France Television, RTS, Rouge TV, Léman Bleu, RTL, Migros, LVMH). In 2010, I took a key part in the creation of the first interactive and innovative TV channel in France (click to know & click to buy). The project was hosted in the Business Incubator of the ESSEC Business School in Paris. I also acted as a consultant for CAC40 groups. Since 2017, Swissmadprod has been producing the biggest entertainment TV talk-show on the French public TV channel France 2, "Les Enfants de la Télé" as well as a weekly radio show on RTL "On refait la télé".

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Director of the Doctoral School

I am the Director of the Doctoral School of Business School Lausanne. I have developed the two current doctoral programs of BSL. The Doctoral School counts, at any given time, more than 40 researchers from around the world.  I have also developed some new innovative key features such as the Doctoral Acceleration Weeks intended to operate as a research accelerator for the DBA candidates.
BSL offers ACBSP-accredited degree programs including BBA, Master, MBA, Executive MBA, and DBA. BSL also provides Executive Training. At BSL, students of sixty nationalities and diverse backgrounds join our experienced and practice-oriented faculty. Established in 1987, BSL is a member of EFMD and AACSB and a champion of the Principles of Responsible Management Education (U.N. backed PRME).

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Ed Pivot

Author - Speaker 

I met David Claivaz in 2017. We were both on a journey to transforming education. We wrote a book together "Edupreneurial Pivot, transforming education with an entrepreneurial mindset", which was first published in March 2019 in France. We built a website and a media platform with video interviews and podcasts of educators who are already transforming and hacking the school system to favor a bottom-up transformation of their organization.
Our blog on education is also available on Edpivot.com as well as our podcast.

Twenty-One, the Podcast on Twenty-First Century education and those who make it happen. The guests of Twenty-One are the actors of education who manage to transform the daily routines of their schools by their innovations, their creations, their solutions despite the different barriers that make such a process challenging. We call these precursors and announcers of the education of the future « Edupreneurial ». Twenty-One is the place where we celebrate the successes of these Edupreneurial Minds who transform their organizations.

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Founder - Business Coach and Consultant

I founded BFCC in 2015 to help my clients reach their full entrepreneurial potential. I am an experienced entrepreneur who has been building sustainable businesses for the past 15 years. I work with my clients on a one-to-one basis to build their own successful business or the life they want for themselves by developing their entrepreneurial mindset and/or skills on the way. Entrepreneurship can be learned, and I believe it takes an entrepreneur to coach entrepreneurs
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