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... in Entrepreneurship

If you want to make sure that entrepreneurship is made for you and want to gain clarity about yourself and the entrepreneurial journey


If you are looking for help and support to start your business from your idea to the launch


If you are already an entrepreneur and are doubting about your entrepreneurial  journey on a personal or on a business level 


If you are already and entrepreneur and want to develop your entrepreneurial mindset to become your best entrepreneurial self

… in Transforming Education 

If you think that now is the right time to define the future of education,

If you think that it is the moment for a change within your school,

If you believe that personal drive, the ability to take action and to innovate are at the core of any success in education in the 21st century

If you are looking for new business models and opportunities

If you want to transform your organization on an structural or on a cultural level

If you want to integrate edtech start-ups and don’t know how to best do it

If you want to engage your team of educators in helping transforming your institution

If you want to support your team of educators in implementing technology 

​If you are an Edtech company and want to reach your market, then directly click below

… in Business Transformation for Global Impact through Academic Research

If you want to solve a problem you encounter in business with the double objective of helping transforming not only your company but also your industry while becoming at the same time a recognized academic researcher earning the title of Doctor of Business Administration

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